2018 D&AD New Blood Awards: Graphite Pencil

We were challenged to use graphic design to ignite social change. 

In the United States, mass shootings are so common that the threat of one happening is just a part of daily life. We made a brand of everyday Kevlar apparel to highlight how outrageous this is, while urging people to join the fight for gun reform. 


Case Study Video 


Ads for 4orMore's Kevlar apparel will appear on billboards and in dense urban areas.

4ormore microsite

Vogue Editorial

In the following month's issue, Vogue will publish a 4orMore editorial revealing the brand's true purpose and call to action: a march on congress in support of the 2018 Assault Weapons ban. 

Read the editorial in document format here. 

 reveal tweets

In conjunction with the editorial, news of the brand reveal and the upcoming march will spread through social media with the hashtag #4usAll. Click to Enlarge

Media buzz

The media attention from 4orMore's reveal will be yet another platform for its message. 

Update: This came out a few days after the March 21st deadline. We hope it brings attention to such an important issue. 

CW: Namwan Leavell

AD: Nik Reed


PHOTOGRAPHY: Richard Andrew Scott