Sure, professional athletes give it their all at every game. But what about you, sports fan? You had to park miles away, climb stadium stairs and sit in the heat just to watch your team play. If you're going to push through and keep cheering, you'll need your electrolytes. 


benched to quenched

At Stadiums selling Gatorade, the jumbo cam will zoom in on snoozing fans as they are gently woken up and given a Gatorade to help revive them. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 4.30.29 AM (1).png

MVP nomination

Going to a game with a group of people can be hard work. But there's always one person who steps up to make it happen. Nominate your MVP with a Gatorade jumbo screen shoutout. 

CW: Namwan Leavell

AD: Paige Murphy